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Kagnew Station and MAAG Ethiopia (Eritrea)

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I have seen plenty of Kagnew Station patches, but I have only seen one example on a uniform. I was wondering if any of you have an example of a Kagnew Station patched uniform or a uniform id'd to a MAAG Ethiopia vet (I don't believe there was an SSI for this unit nor have I seen a crest for the standard MAAG patch that says Ethiopia). I'm also interested in seeing any post WWII uniforms with a connection to an army unit (especially an advisory group) stationed in another African country.

Rev. Jake

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Wow, cool stuff!


I was living around the corner from Kagnew Station (well, what used to be it) in the mid-1990s when I was in the US Army and working as an advisor to some Eritrean DOD guys. I used to walk all over the area and found all kinds of cool stuff. I picked up a few M-1 Garands (and many, many AKs) that were laying in the dirt and thought about trying to get them home but they were in bad shape so I left them where they lay. There were lots of ex Ethiopian/Soviet tanks and BMPs and etc. that were knocked out during the war in that area. I remember piles of even WWII Italian gear (mixed in with everything else, from East German to Soviet to American gear) throughout Asmara. It was a pretty cool place right after the war ended.

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Nice information.


I'm documenting the history, the patches, pins, etc. of the US military rod & gun clubs throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Does anyone know what years the Kagnew Station rod & gun club was in existence? Finally does anyone have a Kagnew rod & gun patch for sale? Paul


Wanted: US military rod & gun clubs, Europe, Africa, and Middle East - club patches, pins, badges, metals, awards, etc.

Documenting U.S. military rod & gun clubs

with locations in

Europe, Africa, and Middle East


Documentation, patches, pins, badges, medals, etc.

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