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looking for a reenacting group.....

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Guest jarhead



im jar head and am looking for a WWII reenacting group in western ny looking for recruits. I ve collected all of my gear and hope someone will answer this sonn thank you.

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The WW2 Reenactor forums are horrible!!! (I concure!!). Lots of Farbs! Their really is no good forum for authentic living history/reenacting that I know of (Although their are some good quality groups around). Our group has a small authentic forum if you would like to try it.




We are part of the the"UP FRONT" Alliance which is an authenticity based group of various authenticity based WW2 living history groups.


Good Luck!



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I'll agree with dogface and pfarber to a fair degree...proboards is chock full of farbs, stitch nazis (who still haven't got it right!), and know-it-alls. Likewise, 99% of their staff leaves a lot to be desired too, with double standards, editing of posts, and a general air of unprofessionalism. But, there are a lot of guys on it from all over the country (and a fair amount of guys from overseas too) so there area plenty of groups represented there. To be fair too, there are a lot of guys on there how do know what they're tlaking about. Although, nothing but time and experience can help you to differentiate betweeen the BS and farbiness, and self-proclaimed "experts" but that's the risk one takes in belonging to a large, open-enrollment forum.


Go ahead and join up at proboards (tell Troy Bill sent you...he's the admin and a friend of mine...we I used to be in the same unit.) You'll find guys with similar interests, similar philosophies about reenacting, etc... and will likely find a unit. In spite of all the faults at proboards, it's the most populous WWII reenators' forum in the US that I know of. I'm sure you'll find something there for you.


And like you were told in your other post, don't get discouraged if most units would prefer their recruits to be a little older. Hang in there and spend your time collecting your gear, doing your research, and getting to know other reenacotrs. It'll pay off in the long run.


Good luck!

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Guest jarhead

sorry its been a while guys but i was on vaction and was away. I have googled this topic many times before and i always get axis reenacting which i really dont want to do, or i get "the elephant recreated".

I may just have to wait a few years but ill kkeep trying. thanks for all the advice too ill keep that all in mind. and to anyone else who gets discuraged, dont give up i know i almost did and it never works. keep trying and before you know it something might come along. thats what im waiting for right now.

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