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Questions about the M-1952A and M-1969 / M69 Frag Vests

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Posted 26 June 2016 - 05:03 PM

Hello again!  I've a few questions about these vests.


1)  M-1952A - did this mass issue version have the foam rubber backing between the 12-ply nylon fill and the outer shell?  I know it was present on the later prototypes, but what about the actual production vest itself?  Was it just a pure nylon protection?


2)  M-1952A - what is the purpose of the epaulets?  I would think it's to help keep your webbing in place, but you're supposed to wear your jacket over the vest, which makes this unlikely.


3)  M-1952A - what material is the outer shell in?  More ballistic nylon, or the cloth like the field jackets?


4)  M-1969 / M69 - did this one have foam rubber like the 52A might have had?


5)  M1969 / M69 - the collar:  I've read it's only 6 ply nylon (unlike the 12 ply vest), but it is noticeably more bulky than the vest.  Is it padded out with just regular cloth, or is there more up there than just the 6 ply nylon?  Neck's a pretty dangerous place to get shrapnel in...


6)  M1969 / M69 - the collar again:  what keeps the thing up?  I see photos of guys having it up or down, so I assume it's the user's option.  Without something keeping it in place, though, it doesn't look like it would be terribly useful.  No front / rear closure, and it doesn't have the stays the vest does later on.


7)  M1969 / M69 - what's the outer shell of this one made from?





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