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USMC body armor KW

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 07:23 PM

I lost on a bid for a LG M52 vest DTD MAY 53.

While the auction was going on I was searching around the net to see if that model was issued during the war.


Here is the problem:

It appears that the MC vest breakdown in two ways:

Uncovered zipper and covered sipper

Belt or hanger.

Now the hanger belt I have seen (Too include here) with an uncovered zipper, and no grenade loop. I have also seen photos of no zipper cover with the belt.







The reason for the belt I don't really understand, my guess is maybe to tighten up the vest to keep it from riding up when moving around.  The zipper cover explanation seems logical, to keep dirt out the zipper.

Where I am lost is what is the M51 vest and what are the two other vests, the one with the belt, and the one with the equipment hanger since both are seen with what I guess was an in country quartermaster fix since US and UN troops appear with the same modification work order (MWO) done? The problem comes also from the belt and hanger being marked M52, and I guess the final M52 (MAY53 Model).

As far as construction goes I can see the two earlier M52s being seen as MWOs except for the belt arrangement.

Could the adjustable belt be the version for the Army and UN, and the belt with the hangers being for the MC?


Thanks for any insight in to this



#2 coldwar

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Posted 12 March 2016 - 07:34 PM

Watched the movie 'Ceasefire' today, it appeared to have about every type of body armor issued.


 Vest I could see included: M52 with no zipper cover, and with cover. Included adjustable belt.


T1952-2(?) and M1952A

All in the same company size unit, 31st INF, 7th ID.

Nice uniform details and gear like M1919 being carried by what looks like a map bag strap, and ammo bag being used as a medic bag to name a couple.

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