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Distinctive Unit Insignia reference


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Tank Destroyer related:

8th Tank Destroyer Group

704th Tank Destroyer Battalion (in my collection)

802nd Tank Destroyer Battalion

811th Tank Destroyer Battalion

820th Tank Destroyer Battalion






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4th Support Bn. Orignial Packaging, but no name on it. Not in TIOH eithier. Clutchback.




That looks like the older style packaging for The Supply Room (hallmark S-38). Last week I went to the distribution center for one of their satellite companies called Depot USA. One big huge warehouse filled with just about anything you could possibly think of when it comes to insignia. They have about 5 retail stores so far located in different parts of the country. The Supply Room came first and has been making insignia for about 20 years now. They used to sell directly to individuals, but now only deal with schools, military units, etc. Depot USA does sell to individuals and have good quality insignia. They have a website that you can order from and publish a great catalog as well.



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No, this is just reference material, Andrew.

It makes identification easier for me and others.

I only have a few like the 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion and 328th Infantry Regiment.




Thanks Jeeper704! Some nice DIs you got there.


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One more ....


504th P.I.R. (Infantry Regiment) - 82nd A/B




Best regards,




This is a very nice 504th tunic. However, the DIs are postwar, particularly if the flames are enameled (1952-1968) or incised gold (1968-present). The earliest versions, late 1940s to early 1950s, are pin backed and have flat gold flames.



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