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This is an intersting item I picked up recently the waterproof edition of the "THE RAFT BOOK" authored by Harold Gatty.This waterproof edition is a condensed verison of his book on life raft navigation developed for the Army Air Corp and placed in life rafts for emergency use, it was not a standard supplied item but could be requsitioned from supply.The raft book includes a booklet on south sea lore describing edible plants and fish demonstration on sea navigation and includes a large wax coated map of the major oceans of the world included celetial layouts for night navigation.This packet measures 4" x 12"

this is an article about Harold Gatty

A year after the circumnavigation with Wiley Post, the US Congress passed a bill allowing civilians to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross. President Hoover pinned the medals on Gatty and Post. In 1934, Gatty formed the South Seas Commercial Company with Donald Douglas, with the plan to deliver air service to the islands of the South Pacific. However, the company was soon sold to Pan Am who brought Gatty into the company to organize flight routes in that region. During the Second World War, Gatty was given the honorary rank of group captain in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and worked for the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) in the South Pacific. He was later appointed director of Air Transport for the Allied forces, based in Australia, under General Douglas MacArthur. He resigned his position in 1943, as a result of difficulties with MacArthur and his organization being disbanded. He then moved to Washington DC, where he authored The Raft Book, a survival guide for airmen downed at sea. The book became a success and was placed in the survival kits of Allied airmen serving in the Pacific. After World War II, Gatty relocated to Fiji with his Dutch-born second wife. Here he formed Fiji Airways which later became Air Pacific. He wrote a book on navigation, Nature Is Your Guide, which was published soon after his death from a stroke in 1957. Charles Lindbergh called Gatty the "Prince of Navigators."


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