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Post your military armbands.


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This thread has been prompted by the contents of the "Elvis..." thread which I started earlier today. There's obviously a wide range of military armbands/brassards and doubtless guys among you out there who collect them? So, I thought it might be neat to see them, WW2 thru to today. I've got a few...Military Police..Air Police and Shore Patrol...but no pictures of them yet! So, let's see what you've got fellers!


Sabrejet :thumbsup:


PS: Mods...I wasn't sure where to place this one. If I chose the wrong forum, please re-direct it. Thanks.

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WWII era Bomb Disposal Armband from my collection.



TQM armband. I have been told it stands for Transportation Quartermaster, but I am not sure. I believe its from the WWII era



Early WWII Civil Air Patrol Armband from my collection.



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Thanks to all who've contributed so far! Here are a few of mine. First, a WW2 period MP armband of all felt construction.





Second, a 50s vintage Air Police armband. Again, 100% felt construction.





Finally, an original WW2 invasion armband.






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we have had a few topics on Brassards / arm bands. I think the MP brassards Topic had a bunch of nice one posted.


Not sure If I posted this one before. It was made in Hawaii out side of Schofield BKS. Around 2000. there was a unit going out from there.


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A "First Sergeant" brassard was used by 3083rd Aviation Depot Group NCO Academy at Fairfield Air Force Station, Calif. The "First Sergeant" pictured here (whose actual rank was Airman 1st Class) was Honor Graduate of Class 57-6, June 21, 1957.



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These brassards pictured are from class 57-12 graduated on 13 Dec 1957 and are from the 3079th Aviation Depot Wing (AMC), Fairfield AF Station, Fairfield CA
I was in contact with one of the members from this class, he said that the class was split into two flights, each with a class commander and two flight leaders. The other I can read looks like Squadron Commander.


and the original picture.




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Here's my collection so far....the odd looking one in the middle appears to be a field-made MP armband made from what I believe may be a German first aid bandage or something similar. I got it from a fellow forum member...pretty cool actually,....in fact I got most of them from fellow forum members





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I've Got like 40 or so brassards, so Ill post the Link to all the pics. I've got a Nice embroidered 16th ABN MP brassard coming...



Linked to a photobucket album that had 54 images over three pages. If member wants to repost images, please do so at the end of the thread.


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Not in my possession any longer, but still a couple of favorites (and maybe will get a few other WWI collectors to post pictures of some earlier armbands ;) ).


WWI Army Headquarters General Staff Armband






WWI American Red Cross Supply Corps Armband



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daniel griffin

1919 Paris Peace Conference



Another Army HQ General Staff



WWI Division HQ General Staff



WWI Provost Marshal General



WWI Artillery



Another but with an added "1"



WWI Mass State Guard


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This is the only one of mine I have taken photos of. This is a cut edge patch and I think it dates to late 1950's or early 60's.




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Gents/ladies---heres a couple of Armbands I had the honor to have worn back in the early eighties---on the left is an instructor Armband from the Transportation School at Fort Eustis and on the right is a U.S. Army Port of Pusan Cargo Checker's Armband from one of the mid-eighties Team Spirit Exercises in Korea...honesty requires that I confess to remembering the fun times on Texas street in Pusan better than I can the actual exercise...Good times...




And for Ken in Norway here's one that I wore as a USMC Corporal in Norway in the Autumn of 1976 as part of British, U.S., Dutch and Norwegian exercise in the area around Steinkjer---I have no idea what "LEDELSE" means ---(we did make a lot of jokes that it was just a mispelling for "Laid Else (or Ilsa) ") and I sure wasn't going to ask the Gunny because he wouldn't know either----I just pinned it on and there it stayed.


If I remember right we left them on when we moved the exercise to Denmark but removed them by the time we came ashore in Germany.




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