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Need help identifying this Field Desk


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I'm using this Field Desk to store my Fathers WWII paperwork. I dont think its a WWII desk but does anyone know what it is? It has a data plate which is in english but there's no date (I'll take a picture of the data plate and post it later). It has slots on the side for legs, the top opens to hold a chair. Its made of wood with reinforced steel edges (like a typical field desk). 2 drawers inside are made of wood but the dividers are steel. Any ideas?


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This might help. You can go up top and type in just the word desk and you'll find plenty to read. Ijust did it.

That will help out till somebody responds. :thumbsup:

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Here's apicture of the data plate. Its hard to make out the details but this is what I think it says (where I cant make it out I put in XXXX).



A.C. QMC. ND. 41M 37XX




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While I'm waiting for someone to comment I'll add my own observations. I bought this desk 9 years ago and restored it. At that time it was painted red but the inside had the original OD paint (darker then the Khaki color on it now). So the first clue was that it started off being painted OD green. The other clues are the "M41" and a "QMC" onthe data plate. That alone makes it appear to be WWII but I've never seen anything in any official Quarter Master books about a desk like this. The final clue is who made it. The manufacture is the "American Furnace" company (not a "Furniture" company). That made me think about all those companies pressed into service during WWII to make items outside of their normal catalogue. Even so, I have this feeling its actual date is post WWII.


Over the years I've been watching eBay for a similar desk to show up. One did show up but like me the owner had no info on when it was made. Final observation, it's a large desk..perhaps this is a stateside desk?

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That's a great field desk !! - I've not seen that pattern before, and I'll be curious to see if anyone else can help ID it.


In my den I still use one that I've had slightly over 25 years. Yours appears to have some design improvements over mine, at least for clerical usage. - Not to mention the legs and the chair compartment. I take it that the legs will stow away in the top along with the chair ?


Is the chair you have original to the desk ? - I'd enjoy a picture of it to, if it's G.I.


And it would be interesting to compare the height/width/depth measurements to those of the more often seen WW2 desk variations.


Someplace around here, I've got a Korean War vintage picture of a USMC officer using a field desk that I only remember as being "different" than my WW2, and differing also from those of 1960's mfg. - I'll make an effort to locate that picture for comparison.


Best regards to you,


Paul Walker

Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Thanks for your interest. It is a large desk... 38 inches wide, 18 inches deep, 23 inches tall. All of the field desks I'm used to seeing are smaller with no legs. Yes, the legs do go into the top storage area. The chair I'm using is a WWII chair but I didnt find it with the desk. It may not be a military desk but I'm enjoying it just the same.

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