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My trip to Normandy - 2002

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I went there in 2000 but I know I missed allot of spots. I mainly wanted to see where my Grandfather had fought but my history was not quite up to par at the time. I think I might go back this year and take my wife, she has never been out of the US. Great pictures by the way.

Activly Selling All Items

All eras

VERY interested in M1 helmets, WWI victory medals, and I will do almost anything for real SOG gear or uniforms.

Email or PM with offers please.

Needing; Pin back CIB, two piece CIB, ANy odd CIB's, 41st Infantry Regiment DUI (old ones), 65th AFAB DUI


Please visit my website at DM1975.com



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what month did you visit? Looks like it was not very crowded...



Hi Dave,


I visited 3 times Normandy.


In the summer of 1984 (with my father in the commemorations of the 40 years of the landing) and in 1994 (now with my wife in the commemorations of the 50 years of D-Day)... at this time of the year the flow of visitors is very high and all the hotels are full. Reserves are super necessary!


I stows another time in 2000 to 2001 (Milenium New Year) in the winter... is very good, however the majority of the museums is closed...I stows almost alone in beaches and visiting bunkers and cemetaries...the climate is rainy...


My luck that the Bayeux Museum was opened and I obtained to convince two English proprietors the only Military store of the region to open I to give one looked at ... :D


My recommendation (in case that you quira not to catch much crowd), is in final May or of August (after the French vacation).


Some tips for you!


Good Luck and Trip!!!


Best regards,







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