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Provance (South France) 1944/2006

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Hi Folks,


I was of vacation in France and I advantage to visit some places related landing in the Provence (South France) in 1944.


Originally code-named 'Anvil', the South of France invasion was planned to coincide with the Normandy landings. Since that decision was made, Britain pushed for the Allies to concentrate on the Italian campaign, but under US pressure agreed to go ahead with the now re-named Operation 'Dragoon' using forces withdrawn from US Fifth Army in Italy. No major British units are involved and for the first time in the Mediterranean the Royal Navy is in the minority in both ships and commanders. However, Adm Sir John Cunningham remains Naval C-in-C.


The warships are allocated across the four attack forces and, in addition, over 1,300 mainly assault landing craft take part in the landings. Air cover and support is provided by Rear-Adm Troubridge with seven British and two US escort carriers. After intensive air and sea bombardments, the landings take place against light resistance accompanied by US airborne drops inland. Both the US and French Corps soon spread out and head north after the retreating Germans. Before the month is out, Cannes, Toulon and Marseilles have fallen into Allied hands.


The landing of Allied troops in South France on August 15, 1944, and their subsequent advance into the country was highly significant. The Allied troops in that theatre were united in the 6th Group of Armies, with the US 7th Army and the French 1st Army as the core.


I stow in three beaches ...









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Great photos...especially of the little one. With your background, he will have a true appreciation for the meaning and significance of the items in yours or any collection.


Here is a silk map of southern France my dad brought back. He told me someone lifted the silk map of Normandy he had and somehow he ended up with this one.


Greg thumbsup.gif



My collection is strictly what my dad brought back from the ETO.

Sgt. Mahlon E. Sebring, 82nd Airborne, 319th Glider Field Artillery, A Battery - Normandy, Holland, The Bulge, and Germany... finishing with occupation duty in Berlin



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