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Duck Hunter & Mitchell Pattern Helmet Covers

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Nice cover, I recently picked up a huge lot of mitchel pattern covers and I've been sorting through them and putting the ones written on aside, it's interesting to see the sentiments expressed on some of the covers... there's some with countdown of days til that soldier gets out of Nam, girls names, nicknames, names of places, FTA etc etc My absolute favorite is one with "Mortar Forker" written across the front... That ones a keeper....





We have a graffiti helmet cover thread with some more stuff here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...=46108&st=0


Where is the lot coming from? There was a guy who had gotten a large lot of covers which appeared straight from the USMC and lots had some interesting stuff writing on them. They appeared early-mid 60s used though and not VN.


I collect VN used graffiti covers (as you know, "graffiti" went on pre-VN, during VN in other parts of the world, and post-VN). Id love to see some pics of some and if you think about selling any, please PM me as if there is some connection to VN Id be super interested.

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So I paged through the the tread and did not see this covered.


I Just picked up this type "A" Mitchell Cover and when I compared it to my other type "A", I noticed some construction differences.

Also the cloth material is different form the other covers I have. Is this just an early variant?




Cover 1



Only one stitch visible on green side.



Pleats facing the same way




Cover 2 For comparison



Two rows of stitching visible on green side



Pleats facing opposite ways


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I checked the loose mitchell covers I have here. I have a few more on helmets, so I didn't look at their stamps.


Contract no.: (DSA-1-)3839, Year: 1964, Shallow cut. I have 4 of these.


Contract no.: (DSA-1-)7005, Year: 1964-65, Shallow cut. I have 4 of these.


Contract no.: 7219, Year: 1964,65, Deep cut. I have 3 of these.


Contract no.: 8027, Year: 1964-65, Deep cut. I have 11 of these.


Contract no.: 8133, Year: 1965, Deep cut. I have 4 of these.


Contract no.: (DSA-1-)2157, Year: 1965-66, Shallow cut. I have 1 of these.


Contract no.: (DSA-1-)2188, Year: 1968, Shallow cut. I have 2 of these.


Contract no.: (DSA100-69-F)U992, Year: 1969, Deep cut. I have 5 of these.


Contract no.: (DSA100-70-C)8022, Year: 1970, Deep cut. I have 16 of these.


So with the exception of the 1968 2188 contract, the change-over between shallow- & deep cut seems to have been around 1965...

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Wouldn't that be the only year? All long flap contract covers seem to date to 1965..


The first clearly dated long flap is 1969 and every cover clearly dated beyond that is long flap. 1969 is the last year you'll find clearly dated short flap covers.

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