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USMC 5th Amphib patch


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Here is a nice example of a WWII USMC 5th Amphibious Corps patch with a funny little story to go with it. I bought this patch direct from the veteran a few years ago. As he was taking things out of a box to show me I saw him pause as he held this patch in his hand. I thought he was reminiscing something about his old unit but instead he said a short curse word and swiped at the back of the patch with his thumbnail. I looked over to see what was wrong and to my dismay he was trying to rip the original price tag off the back of the patch. I asked him to please leave the tag in place and to this he replied "I am not going to sell my patch for 35 cents!". I assured him I was willing to pay more than the original "sticker" price and he left the tag intact. I could tell he was puzzled as to why it was so important that the price tag remain but I guess that is something only another collector would understand.




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