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Toy guns...time for some nostalgia?


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I concur with the previous comment. Those wooden Tommy Guns are incredible bits of "youthful" handiwork! I'm sure we'd all love to see the others on here sometime!


Sabrejet :w00t:

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More memory joggers?


post-8022-1293627692.jpg post-8022-1293627676.jpg


I think I had one of those Johnny Seven rifles when I was a kid. I seem to remember that "Anti-Bunker Missile" had an accordion-like noise maker that was compressed when you loaded it. When fired it made a sort of screeching sound. Might be why I don't remember having it very long even though I really enjoyed firing the missile.

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Thanks Dirt Detective...those old tv ads are just great...and very much "of their time". As you rightly said, today's PC brigade would flip their lids if they saw them! Tell you what..if that "Gung-Ho!" set was still available I'd be heading off to TOYS-R-US right now!



Sabrejet :thumbsup:

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What a great thread!


I'm afraid most of my childhood toy guns have long gone although I still have some great memories of them. One time, I bought a really cool camouflage MP5 where you pulled the bolt back on the side and pressed the trigger, then the bolt shifted forward whilst making a mean SMG sound. I remember hiding behind the sofa and under the table in the lounge while watching die hard (the first one) and pretending I was Bruce Willis :lol: I also had a great M60 with a tripod in the same series.


Toy guns just don't seem to be out there for kids to play with nowadays (although I admit I haven't been into any toy shops in some time) which is a real shame. Do they even sell them in Toys R' Us anymore?


'They don't make 'em like they used to...'

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Great thread!....just found it from a link from the Johnny Seven thread!....heres a pic of me with what i think is a Marx M1 rifle and my very first M1 helmet!.....mike

Wait a minute.............you were a sergeant then too ?? :think: :w00t:

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That Daisy water gun has something of a "Liberator" about it. The Nambu looks quite cool too!


Sabrejet :thumbsup:



I had never seen a Daisy water gun before but googled them and there were quite a few. There is an antique toy gun show in Greensboro NC once a year. I have been tempted to go but just not worked it out. I don;t collect them but like the rest of you seem to have accumulated a few.

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I seem to remember an episode of Tour of Duty where Zeke was running across a rice paddy with mortar rounds falling all over and when he got knocked unconscious, his rifle was floating beside him... anyone remember that one? I think it was the same rifle The Duke has in the above photo too...



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Great thread...Here are some commercials from the 60's...those were the days. :) The leberals would have a stroke these days.


( Thompson)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPhZsauluXM ( johnny seven)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR9ojNddiSI ( cap gun )

(gung ho commando )


and the best for last...this one is great.. :)


Haha...does that bring back memories! Thanks Dirt, I had an OMA when I was a kid and was the envy of my neighborhood..lol.

All the other boys just had air rifles that we would stick in the dirt to get that shotgun effect so, when there was a big job to be done, like take out a tank, they all said "go get Steve".


Those were the good old days when, no one thought a thing about kids playing with guns. I never heard of a "school shooting" back then either. Nor, did kids bring real guns and knives to shool.

That was all pre-1968 when you could buy guns through the freakin mail! It is society that has become sick and perverted now, not guns. Thanks again.

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Might anyone have:


Mattel Fanner 50 six-guns

Mattel Tommy Burp

Mattel Thunder Burp


Lone Ranger two gun holster set



When I was a kid growing up in the UK in the 50s/early 60s "The Lone Ranger" (along with a bunch of other westerns!) was a "must see" tv show..."Hi-Ho Silver!" I had some relatives who went to the US for a vacation...quite a big deal in those days before international air travel became accessible to all. They brought me back a Lone Ranger dressing up suit complete with a matched pair of silver six-guns with a twin holstered gun-belt, complete with silver bullets. I was in seventh heaven. I must've worn that suit until it fell apart...or until I out-grew it...whichever came first!! Happy days! :lol:

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A guy who ran the hobby section of a toy store in our hometown gave my Dad at least two of these, made by Kusan in the 70s I guess. He said he couldn't sell them because you could apparently stuff a real bullet into them and there was a safety issue (I heard him talk of a M1911 they made but I've never seen even a photo of one). My Dad was into civil war re-enacting so that's how he wound up with them. He gave me this one still in it's wrapper a couple of years ago, the only one he had left (I know I had one and beat the heck out of it, I lost track of it somewhere in time)....

I have found a website that talks a little about their cowboy stuff here.


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That's a fine lookin' piece. Is it 1:1 scale?
I should have thrown one my real Colt SAA's down next to it to show the scale. I'd think it's probably greater then 3/4 scale but it sure isn't exact 100% scale. It's pretty close, though, but the barrel is a little shorter in proportion to a real one.

FYI, if I recall correctly, it was double-action. You couldn't cock the hammer at all. Mind you, it's been many years since I've held the other one I used to have but I do clearly remember that. I also deeply wished I'd had the cartridges for it to fire it just one time. I've never seen any of them for sale anywhere. And besides, even if I had some now, I wouldn't dream of taking this one out of the box. It's amazing how the wrapper has remained on it after all these years...

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I would like to share here also but,,,,,mine are all busted to bits. I do remember using pool balls as hand grenades. It seemd like a good idea at the time until you got hit, OUCH. At least you knew if you got hit. Great memories:)



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These aren't that old, but they are 20 years apart! The top M9 was sold in 1991 after Desert Storm while the bottom one I bought for my son last year. They make sounds, and I remember a pilot who carried one painted black in his holster in the field during FTXs so he didn't have to bother going to the armory to sign his M9 out.


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