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WWII Ploesti Veteran and POW , Harry Korger


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Norm Whalen and Harry. Norm was the Navigator on Kane's plane during the Ploesti Mission .





John Fontenrose , G. A. Martin and Harry .




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After Harry is captured , he is given a " Wartime Log " POW diary by the YMCA and begins to fill it out. 30 of the pages are filled out with a description of how he was captured and his first few months as a POW.




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This label has a VERY interesting history. Harry was an MIS code user in the camp. This means he sent coded letters home that were intercepted, de-coded , and forwarded on to his family ( who had no idea the letters were coded.)


This parcel label is from a box sent by a known "Front" used by MIS to send loaded parcels into the camp. MIS would send a notification a loaded parcel was coming and the POW's would intercept it in the sorting room before the Germans could get to it. This box most likely had escape material in it.



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An out standing story of the Service of one of our Hero's from the Greatest Generation. Words cannot adequately express the pride in knowing that this man who helped maintain the standards of both a Warrior and a Prisoner of War. He could have taken the quick trip home after surviving a very Heroic and Vial Mission but he kept driving on, then when captured he maintained communications to our forces to help in escape attempts and keep information about the status of personnel who where unaccounted for. It is a privilege to see this group posted on this forum and should make the family proud that Harry Korger's Service will be in a public domain that will inspire future service member to give their all and to never give up faith in their God, Family or the United States of America.

Strength and Honor

De Oppresso Liber


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