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2 Purple hearts to a WW2 Marine


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On 10/10/2021 at 5:48 PM, Scotty_USN said:

Otto Becker was my great Uncle through his older sister Marie.  I have several photos and a yearbook for his unit prior to being shipped off overseas.  I've attached a photo of his gravesite in Saipan with two of his friends paying their respects before sending the photo back to his family.  


I'm glad his collection is being taken care of so well.







Thanks for posting that photo, amazing how it just pulls it all together.


Is there any correspondence from his friends?


The group is amazing and a tribute to all lives lost.

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I never saw any correspondence with the photos.  It probably got lost but he came from a large family so there is always a chance something might turn up.  One of the guys lived until about 2006 and the other passed away in 1950. 


I also have a few more photos of the Marine Corps cemetery on Saipan along with a few from the memorial service back home.



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