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M17A2 Gas Mask


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OK, I found an M17 gas mask in the trunk of a car I bought about 10 years ago. I assume it is an A2 variation.


The mask is marked 84 MSA 2 E 27, also has the carrying case. The carrying case is marked US Mask, Chemical-Biological, Field M17 series. It also has some black marker that is covering what may be a name.


Inside the carrying case is the operators manual dated 5 October 87, with Change 1 dated 10 Jan 90. Also has a bag, waterproof, Chemical-Biological Mask M1, and a winterization kit (still in the sealed plastic bag).


This stuff needs a new home, and I have no idea what it is worth. Someone on the forum who collects this stuff is my goal. What is a fair price to ask for this stuff.






More pics in next posts

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Unfortunately, mid 80's M-17 masks do not usually bring much money at all. I hate to say a price because as soon as I do, you sell it for that, then someone comes along and says, "I would have paid double for that".

With that said, I have bought a couple of Vietnam vintage M-17s and only paid $35 for them. Good luck

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