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M-274 Mule Tires and Wheels???


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I'm trying to help a friend build a 1/6 model of a M274 Mule. I've been searching the internet for data on on the tires and wheels and all I can come up with is (I think) the tires were 7.5x20 balloon tires. Nothing on the rim. The 7.5x20 type designations have always been trouble for me to understand because I've never found a tire where these dimensions meant anything physically.


If I knew the O.D. and width of the tire and the O.D. of the rim I think I can make one on my lathe that would be a close match.


Any help is appreciated.



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I found in 2 sources, one a military manual and the other a military vehicle reference book, that the tire size is 7.50 X 10. I do not remember for sure what the 7.5 measurement is but the 10 equals the wheel diameter. I'm guessing that the 7.5 is the width of the tread at full inflation (12 PSI) so the wheel would be about 5" or 5 1/2" wide.


The tire pressure for these is:

12 PSI = Cross country or sand

10 PSI = Mud or snow

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I measured one of my Mule tires and wheels for you. The tire is 24" in diameter, and 8" wide. The wheel is 11 3/4" in diameter.

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Thanks folks thumbsup.gif just what I was looking for.


IF I can do a decent job I'll post a picture or two.

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