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"Hallmark" birthday card for WWII soldier

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I think this might fit in this section. It is an unused birthday card for a soldier in WWII. It is a "Hallmark" card and shows how the war influenced everyday functions along with the ration stamps and scrap drive familar to everyone at the time.







My collection is strictly what my dad brought back from the ETO.

Sgt. Mahlon E. Sebring, 82nd Airborne, 319th Glider Field Artillery, A Battery - Normandy, Holland, The Bulge, and Germany... finishing with occupation duty in Berlin



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HAHA. That is astounding.



WWII 2nd Infantry/ USMC/ Air Corps/ Airborne reenactor

Grandson of a WWII Tank Commander (2nd Armor) 20+ year vet

Moderator of the Reenactor/ reproduction gear section[/color]




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