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PIGI Hallmark?

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I have an Airmedal with a PIGI hallmark on the ribbon holder.

It's a pin back with a locking clasp common from WW2 to whenever they changed to clutch backs.

I think it's from the 1960's or '70's.

Anyone know who that maker is? Thanks, Jon. :think:


"As long as man exists, there will be war. The only way to avoid trouble is to have the best Army, Navy and Air Force." George S. Patton, Jr.




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hello you,

The manufacturer is PIGI " Princeton Industries manufacture government Inspectes 1960' approximately"


Je suis un collectionneur de l'United States Marine Corps.


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PI = Princeton Industries, Inc. 300 Northern Blvd, Great Neck NY. Per para 4a, AR 600-90 (1June 1960).


I had the same question about a year ago after picking up an Air Medal and A DFC with that halmark.



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