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WWII US Coast Guard Aviator Grouping


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I'm not sure of the accuracy of this statement, but an old collector once told me that at the height of our air power in 1944, there were roughly:


Ten AAF Pilots for every one USN Aviator;

Ten USN Aviators for every one USMC Aviator;

And ten USMC Aviators for every one USCG Aviator!


If those figures are anywhere close to the truth, that would make your USCG Aviator grouping exceeding rare in its own right. Then add to that value the sure completeness of the grouping and the fine condition...and wow! What a speculator piece of US Aviation history!




Its probably not far off! By the end of WWII I believe only 500 USCG aviator numbers had been issued by that time. This group is to the 419th USCG Aviator and that was in January 1945. The one I have from 1944 was Aviator # 190.



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