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Lime-Leaf Ripstop Trousers. 1969 vintage new.


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Hello Member's:

I need some help buying the right sise trousers for a authentic Vietnam uniform. I currently own a pair of the above trousers sise L/S . I am 6ft. 2.in. tall and have a 38 in. waist. . The trousers I currently own feel that after one hand washing they will be to tight to wear.,

I came upon 2 options, sise L/R and L/L trousers never worn 1969 vintage.

If anyone has any advice on the trousers that will fit me the best , I will be very happy to get any information. I feel stumpted on what sise to buy. They are a small fortune per item and I will not be able to see how they fit washed. Any Idea's?

Thank You. Ken1124 think.gif

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VN era trouser sizes:



Large = 35" - 38"

X Large = 39" - 42"



Regular = 291/2" - 32"

Long = 32 1/2" - 35"


Remember the trouser are cut to be bloused over boots.


If you can suck in the 38" W I would go with the LRG but if you are a tight 38" I would go with the X LRG. I'm 6'-2" also and can wear the REG inseam okay. Shrinkage shouldn't be much of a problem.

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