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M1917 Cartridge Belt - Dyed BLUE

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Piched this up at a gun show the other week. It appears to be a M1910 cartridge belt dyed in a very dark blue. I saw the other post where someone put up a picture of a newer model. The guy i boughtit from said it was used by the Navy for landing parties etc.

Any ideas? and did they dye other M1910 gear in this dark navy blue?


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I hope someone does have information about these belts. I have one that my father, a Navy Seabee brought back, but have no information about it and never thought to ask exactly where he got it during the war. It is a later style belt, the one shown in the original comment is an earlier belt, this one is definitely WW2 with the alloy buckles.


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I have a dixie cup hat dyed blue/grey.I have seen quirte a few dyed hats.


My friend Burt was a WW2 navy Destroyer vet and he said they dyed the caps to be less visible on deck when working.He also said some were dyed with coffe to give them a toned down look.Dont know if this was standard or done on his ship only.I would say the landing party theory is a good bet.



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I have wondered about these blue belts myself. I can only say that most of the ones I have seen were from the WW1 period. I don't know if they were colored after being initially manufactured in khaki or originaly made that way. I will say that I have also seen a few that appeared to be white and we all know about shore patrol white web gear. I have never seen anything except belts colored blue. If any other gear had been colored that way we would have seen examples given that the blue belts while fairly rare are things that people do find from time to time.

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