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"Behind the scenes"

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I portray 2nd ID usually, but about a month ago I was contacted by a member of the 376th PFAB reenactors unit. They invited me to "fall in" with them for a movie shoot. I prefer not to do Airborne, but I do have a decent kit for it, so I agreed. It was a 4 hour drive, but it was worth it. (Atlanta to Nashville) The movie is titled "The Red Rose of Normandy", and shooting was at the old Nashville State Prison. (The filmed the Green Mile and some other good movies there in the past.) There were like 12 GI's and about 10 Germans. Also, 2 jeeps, an Ambulance and some German vehicles. Here are a few pics of me having a good time.










Here is the trailer... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB5bXxxk9sk...feature=related


Look for me when the DVD comes out! I've got a couple of speaking parts! (OK, mostly "Yelling" parts...)

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Tell me you did not wear those modern glasses!!!!


Looks good though. The German officer in the beginning with the weird facial hair is the director.

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