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Show Your PASGT!!!


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46 minutes ago, 268th C.A. said:

Here's a couple of mine... 

nothing spectular 







The 4th ID helmet is really cool. I like seeing them and the 3rd as both of those units were heavily involved in D-Day and have a good history. Thanks for posting!

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Im glad they ditched the K pots. Terrible things to have to wear on your melon everyday.

Very uncomfortable things. Back in 86 we had to turn in our M1's for these things.

The brim sticking out was always whacking the bridge of my nose. Everytime you hit the prone you had to push the dam thing back so you could fire

your weapon. They were heavy, you couldnt sit on them, dig with them, pound a stake with them or even drop them.

The webbing left deep imprints in your head. I got around the head divots from the webbing by wearing a soft cap backwards. Caught flak for that until I cut the brim off the sft cap and then nobody knew I had it on under the helmet.

Its just a terribly poorly designed helmet.

The person who developed it obviously never had to wear it in the field for

any length of time. Never had to run and jump and throw themselves on the ground while wearing it.

It is now where it belongs. In the failed helmets of history dustbin.


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