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'GLUE' designation on crates


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Hi all,


I have in my collection a nice M1A1 anti tank mine crate. It is marked in the usual fashion, but in addition, it has some nomenclature wich starts with 'GLUE' and the some other markings.

In these last few days I've seen several more crates of all sorts also having this type of marking.


What does 'GLUE' stand for??





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I agree that it's part of some shipping information. Note that the markings also have the letters CWS (chemical warfare service), and the box is for smoke grenades.

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Certainly a shipping designation. I have a Medical Chest similarly marked and it indicates GLUE-MED-etc. I don't have access to my references right now, but when I get home I will check in my documentation for Army shipping codes and instructions. Either way, it's a logistics mark.




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