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Cav Grouping of Patches


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I bought this framed grouping several years ago at an Antique Show. It was newer stuff than I like, but the price was right (I think $40). Anyway, can someone help me ID some of the patches in it? First is the grouping.


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Unknown #1:

Here is my guess: The "KW" most likely stands for Kiowa Warrior (OH-58). While I can't find a reference for any sort of Kiowa Warrior II, it probably has something to do with either the upgrading of the OH-58A or the fielding of the improved OH-58C (no OH-58B were used by the US Army). Either way the time frame is right. If a unit were to be fielded a new system like this, its not unthinkable that some of the unit would be sent TDY to a state-side base for training on the new system. That might explaine the relaxed motif of the patch. Drinking beer and partying seems to go hand in hand with many Army TDY trips (not always, but often enough). TDY is basically a military term for bussiness trip.


Unknown #2:

If you look up the Camp name and the Typhoon name on google you might be able to determine an answer. Possibly a novelty for someone who "survived" the strom.


Shown below, just for fun, is a picture I took of a Kiowa Warrior at FT Polk.


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