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Newest Chevron Pick-ups!

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Picked these up in the last week. First up is a quartermaster sgt chain-stitched on denim. According to Emerson's book, these were worn around 1910 on the denim work-uniforms.



I think they are all great finds, but the denim one is COOL.



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Left one here a a 1902 Quartermaster corp. Buff colored stripes on dark blue with the quartermaster symbol in color. On the right is a white felt on dark blue felt worn by a squadron sgt major of infantry 1905-1910.


Those are very cool. I have never seen quartermaster corporals like that

donation2010.gif 2013 ribbon should be here too never was received

Looking for: gold wing pilot rates CPO in white, khaki, or grey, bullion pilot rates CPO, WW2 era Navy/Marine Corpsman Pharmacist Mates CPO khaki and green versions, 1897 style CPO, 1946-1956 Fire Control Tech CPO in blue and blue bullion, Nuclear Weaponsman CPO any material but white, Aviation Guided Missleman CPO

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Those are SWEEET. I have a denim Sgt stripe with red 'stripes'. If I can dig it out I'll post it.


After having a double bypass this past year, it's time to downsize and pass along much of my 'stuff'. I've had my fun, now it is someone elses turn.

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