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Show your painted and patched mich/ ach helmets.


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OK... now I'm curious. The helmets with 101st Screaming Eagles on the left side... what's on the right? Another eagle, or BN patches, etc...? What's the standard (or was there one)? Same on both sides? Do any just have them on one side? Thanks!


They are on both sides of the helmet, unless it fell off, there were a few organic 101st units that did not have the helmet patches in OIF I which was mainly still Kevlar helmets. I know that 2 FAD( 2nd Field Artillery ) did not have helmet patches before deploying but had them made up on return.


Here are some pics of my KPOT and MICH helmets that are patched. Paul




ACH from A-Stan

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Anyone read Arabic?









From a local DEVGRU guy (ST6):







From ST2 and 8 guy:









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These are all 3rd Division - I wanted to keep a theme for my 'Time-Line' of U.S. helmets and tried to get early to late 3rd Divisions -

(I hope to find a good WWI 3rd Division M1917 helmet one of these days to put at the beginning of the time-line for U.S. helmets)


The PASGT on the left with Woodland Cover is from the early 90's, the middle is early 2000, and right is an ACH from later 2010.




I just took this comparison photo to try to show some of the dimensional differences of the PASGT and the later ACH -

Originally, the sides were lower on the PASGT similar looking to a WWII German helmet, and the bill was a little longer.

They decided that they would rather give up a small amount of protective area for better peripheral and upward vision.


Philosophy being, you're better off giving up a 1/2 inch of protection so you can see the enemy better (Or the truck that's about to back over you)




Excuse the mess here, but this is my son's room, and I just took these photos of his ACH. (He's deprived and doesn't have anything!)




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Great looking lids. I picked up a salty 3rd ID today. Unfortunately it's missing the chin straps so I've got to find a rough/cheap set for it.










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