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US Army Specialists, 3rd US Engineers T.H. 1921

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Aloha Everyone,


This is from my Schofield Barracks collection. In 1920 the US Army adopted the Private/Specialist rank structure that endured until 1942.


The Third US Engineers were posted to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii Territory, in 1921 to improve the roads, cantonments, structures and any thing else that was required to house the new Hawaiian Division.


This is the roster of the Headquarter's and Service Company from their first Thanksgiving menu in 1921.


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A very nice piece from the early period after the army grade consolidation. It's interesting that the company has six M/Sgts and only one T/Sgt, showing how the technical branches generally fared better than the combat arms in the higher grades. It would be interesting to know the specialties of the private/specs, I'm guessing mostly mechanics and electricians.


Thanks for posting a nice historical example! Best regards,


Justin B.





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I noticed there are no second lieutenants listed on there. I thought they would have been commanding the platoons

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