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I am trying to create a reproduction of a USMA ACU, and have been completely unable to find a source for purchasing regarding the rank insignia. My understanding is that cadets wear subdued pin-on rank bars, rather than embroidered - is this true? And does anyone know of a purchasing source for this?


Thank you in advance for your help.




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When the ACU first came out those who desired to wear the ACU over the BDU took their pin on rank that was used for the BDU collar and pinned it into the velcro area for the rank on the ACU, this was in 2005/2006. Now it seems they have come out with special rank patches, same shape as the regular Army rank patches, but with the appropriate number of bars embroidered onto the patch. As far as sourcing goes they are probably only available at USMA right now. I remember the pin on bars had to be turned in each year, but whether they require the same for the patches I don't know.


Hope that helps some.




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