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a14 mask colour

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Hello guys


I was hoping somone could help me out with this one, Im hunting for some a14 masks, as our kiwi blokes used them while flying beside you lads in the pacific


but the big question is, why the diff colour? I see them in shades of green or a almost black, was this due to diff manafactures, or was this an issue thing, eg Army Airforce got green, and navy got black?


Hoping someone could help me out, thanks guys :P

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Hello and welcome aboard


I have owned a couple dozen masks over the years.Even have a couple new in the box.I dont recall any being black when new.I am thinking the green is turning black from use,wear and storage over the years.I have had a couple that were really well used and the straps and mask has discolored to a very dark green/black



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