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Anyone know the eras of the ammo boxes? I'm just purely guessing, but I'm thinking the first is Vietnam-era (I got this from a Vietnam vet). I believe the second one is either WWII or Korea, as I dug it out of my grandmother's basement, and my grandfather served in Korea.


The basic questions - are these pretty common? Worth anything? Any neat or interesting facts about the boxes or the ammo they contained?

I haven't seen the stamp that's on the 2nd one before - I'm guessing it was either old or defective, but I have no real idea.






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Top can is a current issue (no bullet outline on top) And the ammo type is a painted stencil. The lot # reads that it was packed in 1996.


The second is a repainted (no stenciling on side) WW2 .50 cal ammo can.



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