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A great deal, or something else?


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So, this auction went unsold with a BIN of $300 and a high bid of $26. Later in the day it was re-listed, and it looks like sold for a BIN of $40. Did someone get a great deal, or is this a replica? It sure looks a lot like the one on a site that apparently can't be named here.




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This is a repro wing ~ the hallmark is all wrong. Unfortunately, a few of this style hallmarked Blackintons have sold on Ebay in the last weeks (and represented as WW2 period originals).

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Forum member Patrick Frost has posted a lot about this wing in the past. Real ones are rare and they show up on Ebay with FAR too much regularity. This is a dangerous wing if you don't know what a real one looks like.

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The (only) real metal example of this wing I have ever owned was marked "From Official Die". I have had several great bullion examples. If I can dig up some images, I will post them. There are a lot of these repro Blackintons around ~ learn the correct hallmark before you spend your hard earned $$$! Dave

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