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Ballistics Experts help please..Found in Normandy

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Hi all. I returned this weekend from a 5 day excursion to normandy. Being camped at the far end of omaha beach (about 5 mins walk from the bluffs) I had a lot of chances to explore and hopefully find something, with difficulty of not having a metal detector. One of the items i found was this lead object pictured below.

I am by no means an expert, but it looks like roughly the same size as a .45 or 9mm round and is quite distorted as i would presume a bullet hitting a stationary object would be.

Anyway, i'm probably just overly hopefull, but i thought i would put it to you guys out there who have far more experience than i do with firearms and projectiles.

Thanks a bunch!


















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I have no clue, i mean it looks like a bullet to me, but then again thats just me.

Hope it is cause that would be cool,


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Like M1AShooter says, it looks like a Wadcutter if it was a bullet, however, Wadcutters are used for target practice shooting and rarely for a defensive round. If it is a wadcutter, it came from a revolver and not an automatic. As said by someone else, ball rounds are the standard, so if it is a bullet fired during the war, it was most likely not a issued round. Also, one last thing. Bullets normally retain their base shape, this one is distorted on both ends, so it looks more like a plug that has been cut. Sorry, can't help more than that.

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Looks like it could be a projectile from a earlier musket. :think:

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Looks like it could be a projectile from a earlier musket. :think:

I thought that was a possibility too.


Can you measure the diameter?


It appears to be lead and not jacketed. I don't believe it is a jacketed bullet that shed the jacket. There are grooves around the circumfurence of the object. Those appear to be more like grooves to hold lube in a lead bullet and are not seen in jacketed bullets. My best guess is if this a bullet it is not from D-Day. I am not sure it is a bullet but I think it is.


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Not much more than what has already been said, just a note about my experiences on Omaha Beach. I went there several times from early '70s until 2007. Without any metal detector I found on the ground many relics: an about 37mm unexploded shell, a metal piece (probably) from a landing craft, some unidentifiable metal relics. But I found some cartridge cases: the best is the remain of a German 7,92mm exploded case (actually I found that at the Point du Hoc) and, among the bush few yards behind the sand of Omaha, some unidentified .22 LR cases, some .303 Norma commercial cases and finally some Winchester .38 Special commercial cases. That leads me to think that plinkers or people just loving to made some "bangs" on this amaizing strip of sand, fired at random in various occasions.

Hope that this can help. Good hunting next time !


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