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BA-70 Batteries


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I have a AN/TRC-7 radio, well two, one WW2 American and one made in the US for the French. They both use BA-70 or BA-80 batteries that they sit on, the same batteries that the SCR300/BC1000 radios use. Can i find BA-70 batteries well not in Europe, not even at the famous War and Peace show here in England that was on a few weeks back. I thought that the BC1000 sets were used up into the 1980's by the French army thinking that there would be loads kicking about. I am only after a dead non working one for display. Has anyone seen any, none in my neck of the woods, any in yours. Here is a picture of what an original should look like and a AN/TRC-7.




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Anyone actually have a TRC-7 Radio as pictured. I wondered if anyone has or know of where i can get the small whip aerial and base AB-37/TRC-7 and AT-59/TRC-7 to complete.

Quite surprised that most airborne collectors have not heard about this set, that was ground to air communication.

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