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Abandoned US Military Bunkers and Batteries

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There are some neat emplacements on the side of the runway at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport from when it was Bergstrom AAF or Bergstrom AFB. If you ever fly into or out of ABIA, keep your eyes open from them! They're on the opposite side of the runway as the terminal.


Always looking for items from these men (family members):
Even if they're not for sale, knowing where they are would be great.
Cornelius Doherty - 108th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania NG, WWI Joseph A. Doherty - 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd ID. KIA March 3, 1944.
Harry Riley - 62nd Armored Field Artillery Bn., Died of Wounds August 13, 1944. Thomas R. Riley - USAAF
Robert Lester Mahler - I/3/24, 4th Marine Div. WIA March 8, 1945. Joshua L. Doherty - With a Seabee Unit, I believe.
Ens. Alex A. Gorski, USNR - Died as a POW, January 28, 1945. Capt. Henry Gorski, USN (ret.)
Chester A. Sendrowski - 74th Naval Construction Battalion (my profile picture).
Remembering their service and sacrifice.
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