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help needed photos of cowboy hats & OG-107s


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hey All,

So I posted this in book report and havnt gotten any response, so I thought Id move it here!!!


I just got the green light (On Monday Aug 2)from Schiffer Pub. LTD. for the 1st two of 10 books on Special Forces in South east Asia. the 1st book will be on White Star, 1960-1962. and cover the years in Laos. Ive seen some cool parachute material cowboy hats as well as green and tan cowboys on here before, which ive saved but wanted to get the ok from the owners. I know Chis at ralley point has a Cowboy just like mine, and would love to use some of his pix.


If anyone has any period photos from 1960-1970 I can use em', any OG-107 uniforms, paper work, jump docs or headgear youd like to take photos of and add to the book Id be greatful! currently I have about 700+ original B&W photos of SF in Laos, and can always use more!!! Full credit to you for the use of your pix!!


The 2nd book will be 1960-1963 and cover the 1st 5th, and 7th Groups,

3d will cover 1964

4th will cover 1965,

5th will cover 1966-67

6th will cover 1968-1969...and so on.....

so, if you have anything to add to this please feel free to email em to me....







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