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M1917-A1 Helmet Camo Cover - Early WWII (PART 2)


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General Apathy
On this topic I showed an early WWII photo of a M-1917-A1 helmet with camo cover:




Most members agreed that it was not painted-on camo. I think this new picture will clear any doubts that it was a camo cover.




Hi GB, great photograph, love all these early ones showing uniform ideas that didn't come to fruition or standardised for use.


I have tried to enlarge the area around the top opening button to see whats on there, best I can get it to is central indented button with possiblity of laurel surrounds and stars at the bottom, I was trying to see if it could be seen as U.S. Marines.


Cheers Lewis

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What makes this even more interesting is that by August 1942 ( the date on the back of the picture) the M1 helmet was in full circulation...this is a very cool picture! I would love to see one of those covers pop up somewhere for my collection! Rare does not even fully describe what that would be!


Great post!

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