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Insignia worn on combat uniforms.

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I am a fan, among others, of the Operation Varsity. I wrote two articles on it, I do have various documents related to this operation so I may help in historic research if my sources will be able to.


But at first you help me, if I may ask.


My question would be the following: Did the 17th Abn paras and glider troops have divisional patches on the sleeves of their M1943 field jackets? Of course I know various Varsity period pics of the troops wearing either M1942 jump suits or M1943 suits, sometimes they have 17th Abn patches on their M1942s, sometimes not, but I have never seen these patches on the M1943s, of course during operation Varsity only. Have you ever seen these patches during Varsity period pics and on the M1943 jackets?


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In all of the research that I have done on the 17th A/B, I have only ever come up with ONE photo of a 17th A/B patch being worn in combat. The patch was being worn on an OD wool shirt and not on a field jacket.

I have been fortunate enough to have access to hundreds of original color slides taken on the landing zones during Varsity. I have not been able to locate one single image of the 17th A/B patch being worn there. I believe that the patch was not worn due to restrictions on its wear in combat by the 17th A/B brass, and not a matter of timing due to issues of new clothing. Many of the troopers wearing M1943 combat uniforms in Varsity were wearing the same uniforms that were worn during their service in the Bulge.

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Hello Everyone,

According to the book "In the Shadow of the Sphinx: A History of Army Counterintelligence" by March 1st, 1945 every Army, Corps and Division had an organic Counterintelligence (CIC) Detachment.

Does anyone know what insignia Counterintelligence Detachments wore in combat?

Also if anyone has any photographs of these detachments in the field, that would be greatly appreciated!



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