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AH-1G Cobra Attack Helicopter

Saskatoon Light Infantry

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Saskatoon Light Infantry

Accepted by the Army in 1968, this AH-1G Cobra was sent directly to Vietnam and assigned in April 1969 to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Mobile) where it served in B Troop, 2/17th Air Cavalry Squadron until December 1971. The aircraft spent its entire time in Vietnam (4/69-12/71) with B Troop where it accumulated 1680 combat flying hours. In January 1972 Cobra # 67-15737 was returned to the United States and continued serving with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Mobile) at Fort Campbell, KY until December 1975. The aircraft was transferred to the Texas Army National Guard where it served until its retirement from military service.


The aircraft has been fully restored as Cobra # 67-15737 appeared in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970 when it was crewed by Aircraft Commander 1LT Jay White and Crew Chief SGT Steve Liubakki. The AAHF appreciates the assistance received from Jay and Steve in ensuring the authenticity of this unique and rare aircraft.


An extensive and lengthy rebuild and restoration/upgrade of the aircraft was undertaken. As part of the restoration process, the aircraft’s power plant was upgraded to the more powerful T53-L-703 engine (1800 shp) that provides an additional 400 shp than the original Vietnam era engine, and mated with an upgraded B-212 power train system. The aircraft’s rotor system was upgraded to the Kaman ballistic main rotor blades providing a 10,000 hour useful life. The aircraft is a very fast Cobra!


The aircraft has appeared in multiple television events and motion pictures including with actor Clint Eastwood. The aircraft has performed extensively since 2003 on the U.S. air show circuit with the Sky Soldiers Demonstration Team of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF).


This is the last known FLYING AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter with combat service in Vietnam.


This beauty is currently for sale: $995,000.


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On GSAxcess.gov there is a 1978 date Cobra available for any Agency or museum or related activity at no cost. It is in Delaware. I could not access the site just now to get details, but if you qualify and can move it and can restore it, here is a once in a lifetime chance. They charge 17.000.00 to take it out of the boneyard in Pima. This one is a come and get it. the description says that the cockpit has been stripped. not a lot of time left on the listing. If it is not allocated internally, they will cut it up.

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It has one request on it now from an ngo in TX.




Item Control Number: FA449701530001

Item Name: BELL HELICOPTER AH-1 S-BF S/N: 77-22748 77-22748

Screening Ends: August 01, 2010


FSC/National Stock Number: 1520

Quantity Available: 1 EACH Quantity Requested: 1

Orig Unit Acq Cost: $ 11300000.00 Total Acq Cost: $ 11300000.00


Property Location: 1301 HERITAGE ROAD


DOVER AFB , DE-19902-5301


Condition: Salvage Make/Mfg: AH 1

Hazardous: No Part Number:

Demilitarization: Yes © Model: S-BF

Date Manufacture January 01, 1978





Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Part: No






Serial Number: 77-22748 Aircraft Operational: No

Major Components Missing: Yes Engine Missing: Yes

No Dataplate Available: No

Historical/Maintenance Data Available: No Certified by FAA: No

FAA Standard Maintained: No Used for Non-Flight Purposes: Yes

Used for Ground Training: Yes Used for Static Display: No

Used for Disassembly/Assembly: No Used for Fire-Fighting Training: No

Extensive Cannabalization: Yes Military Aircraft Only: Aircraft previously used for ground instruction and/or static display













Item Description



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