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Ok, I just can't take it anymore. :w00t: I'm tired of seeing so many beautiful visor caps DESTROYED by people who have a very mistaken understanding of what a "crusher" is. I just read this in a sellers ad: "These were called "Crusher Caps" because they were designed to be folded or crushed without damaging or changing the shape of the hat." - NO, NO, NO! The only crushing that ANY visor cap was designed to endure was to be worn under a set of headphones PERIOD. If you want to cause the seams of a 70 year old cap to pull out, be my guest, but don't be telling stories to justify your vandalism.


I'm not going to address the issue of "crusher style' two ply leather visor caps versus single ply "true crusher" caps because I'm sure that's covered elsewhere on this forum and I'm referring to either kind when I say: STOP ROLLING UP, WADDING UP, SQUEEZING, OR OTHERWISE SQUASHING THE HATS - YOU'RE DESTROYING THEM! :pinch:

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Actually that ad is correct a true crusher was designed to be crushed. It has nothing to do with the AAF or wearing earphones over it. They were designed to be easily packed when traveling and would pop back into shape when you took it out of your suitcase. Crusher is a trade name for the real ones and you will see it in the hat. Maybe 2% of the hats that are advertised as crushers are turn crushers, they are just advertised that way to get the association with the AAF to make it more exciting and valuable the same as putting airborne on some thing makes the price go up, or at least in some peoples minds. I agree with you about the vandalism to standard hats but there really is a crusher.



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