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WWII stateside civilian pins

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I have a couple of pins I'll add to this section. The first one is a small B-24 bomber with the "FORD" along the fusilage. My dad worked at the plant prior to him being drafted in 1943. If you can find a copy of the video "The story of Willow Run", it is very interesting to see how the workhorse of the bomber fleet was assembled. It didn't have the smooth lines of the B-17 but could carry more ordinance to the target.


The second pin was the "E" for Efficiency award presented to the Tecumseh Prouducts for their war munitions output.




My collection is strictly what my dad brought back from the ETO.

Sgt. Mahlon E. Sebring, 82nd Airborne, 319th Glider Field Artillery, A Battery - Normandy, Holland, The Bulge, and Germany... finishing with occupation duty in Berlin



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