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Chaplain Collection


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Here is a War Dept film from WWII.

The movie is For God and Country staring Ronald Reagan.

The movie was first a training film, then it was shown in the theaters.

It's a great movie.

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Reagan played the role of a priest.

In the movie he turns down a Colt .45 because he is a chaplain.

That is some good acting. :lol:

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This was made during the early 1960s. The Chief of Chaplains at that time, Chaplain Charlie Brown (yes that's right) wanted every chaplain to wear this on their civilian blue jacket, much like the ivy schools. Brown had the govt make them, but then found out it was illegal. Chaplains from that time period would call these the Charlie Brown button.

BTW, Brown was one of two chaplains to go from COL to MG.

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Here are two kits, one is maroon and the other is blue.

They both have metal cases.

The Air Force used the blue, and the army used the maroon (although a few Army Chaplains used the maroon).

Yet, both are marked US.

The metal kits were used after Korea and were replaced by the nylon Vietnam era kit. Although they can still be found today.

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A continuation of Chaplain Pope's collection (post 15).

Here is his uniform when he was in the AF.

Also, a very salty AF chaplain's flag.

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I really keep enjoying your Chaplain collection !

I got a war-time photograph of a jeep with a chaplain of the 26th Infantry Division in my collection. :)

You don't have any Chaplain items related to the 26th Infantry Division would you? If so please show them !



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CH Pope also had a marriage and baptism certificate book. This was required for all chaplains and the book was provided by the War Dept.

His name is there as are the people he married and baptized.

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On the theme of paper.

Here is the original draft of the first chaplain's field manual (draft, 1925). There are hand written comments from the AG and a cover memo from the AG with additional comments.

I removed the metal and placed the document in a acid free folder.

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Here is the first chaplain manual.

These documents were on their way to the trash. The family didn't know what they were.

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