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"Flying Legends 2010", IWM, Duxford, England.


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Thanks for posting some great photos of the latest Duxford air show. Not really expecting much, I visited Duxford in April 2004 and was floored by the history of the place and the aircraft. Boy, was I mistaken, this was a real gem. Here's a funny story about my visit:


We were touring the air traffic control room (not sure what you call it; it's the room with the giant table map of Britain and NW Europe and little markers pushed around to mark aircraft locations in the sky). Anyway, this room is located tucked away behind the big hangars. There wasn't any flying going on that day, as there had been some spotty showers all morning. In the ATC room, they play a 5 minute audiotape that describes the history of the control room and the narration includes the sounds of realistic period radio traffic and aircraft sounds. You could hear quite a dogfight going on in the audio. Then the tape ended.

But to my amazement, the screaming, diving aircraft sounds continued, like a P-51 pulling out of a steep dive.


"Holy Cow, that's not a tape, that's REAL!" I said... Leaving my family behind, I burst out the side door of the little hut and raced down a few steps. But I couldn't see a thing as the big hangars completely blocked the view. The "show" had been going on several minutes, and I knew it would end at any moment. Without any time to spare, I found myself running full throttle towards the ramp (apron) in the empty space between two large vintage arch-top hangars at this historic WWII airfield, all the while hearing the diving/strafing aircraft that was just out of sight. I'm not really that imaginative, and I don't do the re-enacting thing, but that's when it got weird as all of a sudden it seemed right out of a movie; we were under attack and everybody was running!! A surreal experience no less. I finally got to the open ramp and was able to watch the last couple of passes of the P-51 before he called it quits and circled to land. It was Ferocious Frankie, the yellow-nosed Mustang.


If you haven't been to Duxford, you gotta go see it, you will not believe this place for history (and the aircraft).



Boltaction (John)

Atlanta Georgia USA



Hi John. That's a great story...thanks for sharing! The skies above Duxford are always alive with vintage warbirds undergoing test flights after their restoration and refurbishments in the various hangars. Glad you enjoyed your visit!


Ian :thumbsup:

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General Apathy
Another great shot Ken . Did it in any way give you some appreciation of how it must felt to have been in a ball-turret for several hours at a time, under fire and at -30 degrees under?! How DID those young airmen do it for real?! I salute each and every one of 'em!


Ian :salute:


Hi Ian, When I attempted to get into this ball turret with sheepskin trousers and jacket on it was difficult to shoe-horn in and claustrophobic, I had to discard the jacket, at the time I was about 40 chest and 32 waist and still found it tight. As I recall my feet were up at the same height as my head, obviously the turret rotates and you are never constantly in this one position.


Yes it must have been a tough position be in during combat, hanging in a ball out the bottom of some aircraft that's a target for both flak and fighters, and one I was not envious of.



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General Apathy
Nice shot of you in the ball turret Lewis.........517th


Hi Dad, thanks for the compliment, hope to see you and mom again this year, either there or here. :lol:


Son. ;)

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I don't know HOW I missed these pictures. Since I missed it, I thought I would bump it so others who missed it could see the planes.


Ian, thanks so much for pointing this thread out to me. These are unbelievable! This show looks amazing. I also love all of the pictures of Ken.



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