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fm 21-76 reprint or original

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was looking at omaha's surplus and they have a manual fm21-76 survival evasion and escape 1968 reprinted in 1983 thet say it's an orginal copy i guess in second printing. my question is i see a 1970 version of this manual all the time and some dealers say it's original too, so who's right and how do you tell an original fm21-76 from a reprint.

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ken 90-94-I know for a fact the manual was reprinted in March of 1986. Inside on the very first page is a note. It says"supersedes FM21-76 14 March 1969. That is a official printing. The US Army SERE Division at Ft Bragg NC helped rewrite the manual, with updates and improved techniques. The 1986 version has a multicolor cover black, gray, white, with a bright orange sun. Not the standard manila color like most older FM's. Hope this helps. SKIP

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