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I had heard that first printings of this were hard to come by so I went looking.

Found the following,as of this writting,at www.bookfinders.com.

6 copies under $30 dollars.

4 copies under $40 dollars.

They go outa sight from there.

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ends with the numbers 2180

Original printings by Howell Press.

The thing that impresses me about bookfinders is that the price in their "total price"

column includes the shipping. I ordered my copy using the above guidelines and spent

$26 dollars and change. I usually use Amazon like everybody else but after my sister

turned me on to this place I've been satisfied. Unlike Amazon,and I checked,bookfinders gives the

publisher,printer/press,and ISBN.

My copy arrived about an hour ago and I'm happy.If you want the have lots of the 2008 editions.

Heck of a "coffee table" type book,big with lots of photos.

Check it out,won't hurt.




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I got one way back in 1989 and complained about paying 50.00 for it, boy was I dumb!!! still one of my fav books to look at!! Really love all the clear pix in the original copy!! Great pix!! and a great book!!



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