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Got da Penny

Marine Jackets ------> Found on my Lumch

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Guys, these were bought today at the same shop i bought my Son in Service Banner at.


I asked her if she still had my Card on file.??


"Yes" she said.


Then the lady asked me as i was paying "Are you interested in Jackets"???


"Are they here"???? i asked.


This is what she had in a Garbage Bag. ... w00t.gif



Can you guys tell me the Correct Name for these jackets.


I assume i have 2 Summer Khakis


(1) White Dress Jacket


and The Lightweight Green one im not sure of.










*** NEW *** Honorplace Site for Grandfather













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I believe all are Navy. The boards, (LT(jg) would have gone on all, but gray boards with black stripes would be more correct for the gray. (Late in the war gilt buttons and black/gilt boards were authorized.)





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Nice find, as Gil said, they are all ww2 Navy officers coats for a Lt. (JG) line officer (equivelent to an Army 1st Lt.)

The 2 khaki coats were worn with gilt buttons and the shoulder marks that you have on them for working dress.

The grey "bus driver" coat came out in 1943 as a subsitute for the khaki, but both types continued to be worn. The grey was originally intended to be worn with black buttons and black stripes on grey shoulder marks, but this proved very unpopular and they authorized gilt buttons with the standard dress dark blue marks to be worn if desired, but the two types of shoulder boards and buttons were not to be worn mixed.

The white coat is worn for summer dress and they used the standard dress dark blue shoulder marks only for this. The whites are the only uniform other than the dark blue reefer coat that are still worn today.



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