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Expert/Marksman and Sharpshooter Qualifications


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Guys/Girls...was unsure where to post this question but will post it here.


Please can anyone tell me what the categories and requirements were to attain each grade of shooter during the war.


what did each GI have to do to be awarded each grade of marksmanship award and or bar for each badge or qualification


this applies only to WW2 awards please guys.





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This is for the Marine Corps, from Wikipedia... I'm guessing the scores are based on where you hit the target, and how many times you hit there.


For a weapon qualification badge to be obtained, a service member must obtain a passing score and will receive a qualification level depending on the score obtained. Current rifle score ranges are 190 to 209 for marksman, 210 to 219 for sharpshooter, and 220 to 250 for expert. Once a qualification has been obtained, and the weapons qualification badge issued, the badge may be worn for the remainder of a military career, or until a different level of qualification (higher or lower) is achieved. Typically, Enlisted up to the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-1 to E-6), and Officers up to the rank of Captain (O-1 to O-3) requalify with the rifle on an annual basis. The most recent qualification score determines the badge that is worn. If a Marine achieves the score of Expert multiple times in his or her career, an additional "rung" may be added to the badge denoting the number of awards earned.

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