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First off, I am not a collector but after nosing around the site for awhile there is some really interesting stuff that i had no idea existed. I am trying to acquire an authentic Vietnam era ERDL poplin camo beret we wore back in 68-69. They were issued to Mobile Riverine Force Sailors in in the River Assault Squadrons. A Brother river sailor has been helping me with a disability claim brought on by exposure to Agent Orange and I have been looking for an original beret like the one he lost over forty years ago before he came home. Through my research it is a lowland woodland pattern. Mine has a plastic map pouch inside. I would like to find a size 7 1/4 or (59) but that may be asking too much and I would be ecstatic if can just locate a correct beret. This brother has put in so much of his time to help me out that this is one of the only things I can do for him that would even come close to repaying him. He was in River Assault Squadron 15, I was in RAS 13.

I have a picture of what it looks like and hopefully I will be able to post it.

If there is anyone out there that can help me locate one it will be greatly appreciated.





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