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9AAF use of RAF Observers Harness

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Dear All,


Is there any documented evidence that the 9th AAF used the RAF issue Observers Harness with chest pack at all?


If so, in what quantity and crew type?




Ramsey Green.

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Johan Willaert

Don't know about the 9th but the 8th used plenty of RAF Harnesses either with the RAF Chest Pack or the USAAF A4 Pack...


Most books about the AAF have pictures of them.... The USAAF A4 harness wasn't made to very late during WW2 and personally I doubt they ever made it to Europe before the end of the war...

Therefor the similar harnesses you see on USAAF crews in 1943 or 1944 are without doubt RAF Observer Type harnesses...


I use one for my USAAF display with an A4 Pack...






The Histoire&Collections book above about the 8th has pictures of them in wear, as has Gear Up and nearly all of Freeman's books about the Mighty Eight

29.gif.54514c42865cd0f6bb0c39e53545ad4a.gif '29th,Let's Go!' 29.gif.54514c42865cd0f6bb0c39e53545ad4a.gif








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Hi Johan,


Nice display you have there! Any idea what kind of chute the C-47 pilots used in the 9th? The 9th were based around my area (Nottingham, UK) so thats what Id like to base a display on!



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